We Buy Apartment Complexes


We Buy Apartment Complexes

Do you have an apartment complex for sale that is 200 - 600 units?

Most of our acquisitions are "B" & "C" class properties.
We are not interested in major renovations or vacant complexes.

Minimum Criteria
• Operating complex
• Located in the United States
• Asking Price is around a 10% Cap Rate based on current operations


We analyze the information about your (or your client's) property.
If it meets our acquisition requirements, move to an LOI as fast as practical.
Agree on complete terms of contract with a reasonable time table for due diligence.


A reasonably quick purchase of your apartment buildings.
To buy your apartment complex in a competent and professional manner.


We are wholesale buyers looking for good deals on large properties.
We are a professional real estate investment group that purchases apartment buildings throughout the United States.

We are not a real estate agency, and we do not want to list your apartment complex for a commission or fee.
We want to purchase your apartment complex.

Do you have apartment buildings for sale?
Do you have an apartment complex for sale?
We are more than happy to work with listing brokers (agents) and/or property owners.

I Want to Determine the Current Value of my Commercial Property - Any Help?

Investing in real estate business and procedures is something that could prove really fruitful in the times to come. It is quite interesting of how you could make the most out of it in a short time span. You just need to know the worth of the assets that you have because if you have a residential plan carried out, it is relatively easier to exhibit it on a bigger screen. Before you make any further moves with the real estates, you need to know the worth of property you own and potential outcomes you would be retrieving from that.

If you want to determine the current value of your commercial property or if you have any concerns of knowing it because you want to sell it, you would have to consider different means by which you could evaluate and elucidate the original worth of your property.

The first method which most of the people know about is the market evaluation. This sort of method is also regarded as sales comparison. In this method, the residential homes are usually compared and differentiated with the new homes on the price they are supposedly being sold out on. The cost of the commercial property would be related to the buyer‘s choice and complimentary decision.

Another way to determine the current value of your commercial property that could be executed effectively is the cost valuation method. It could be designated as the simple land value with an imagination of the resources and enhancements that would be added according to the buyer. This would include all the property options including bedroom count, bathroom count, location, street, number of garages, pool, lawn, backyard and etc. Adjustments could be made according to what the consequences are like; for instance if the property has fewer bedrooms or non-highlighting location, the total price would be reduced from the actual market value that is usually offered.

Real estate valuation is the last method you could use to determine the current value of your commercial property. Factors such as the rate of return on an investment, or capitalization rate, divided by the average net operating income (NOI) for the property constituent are the basic formulation for this method.

So, by using any of the above mentioned methods, you can easily calculate the current value of your commercial property.


We are NOT looking for Property Scouts or Bird Dogs.
Please have a specific property to discuss.

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